Refrigeration In Jordan

Since its beginning, Automated Logic has focused on one objective: developing innovative building automation systems with the latest technologies to offer operational freedom, flexibility and ease of use. Now more than ever, the WebCTRL® building automation system brings that objective to life—in a big way. The WebCTRL® system is much more than simple building automation. It is a powerful web-based building automation platform with software tools that help you keep occupants comfortable, manage energy conservation measures, identify key operational problems and analyze the results. With the WebCTRL® system platform, the only thing better than the building automation features is how easy we make it to use them. Take a quick glance at some of our capabilities on display



Control multiple buildings with
 secure browser access from
 anywhere in the world

Immediately understand the of conditions in your building with WebCTRL thermographic floorplans.


Automatically supress downstream equipment alarms with WebCTRL Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD), making it easier to diagnose problems.

Review floor plans, equipment graphics, trending and alarms over a past period of time so you can quickly identify and resolve building control issues

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Refrigeration In Jordan

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